Ro-Ro, the maritime reference service of the Suardiaz Group


In Suardiaz Group we have offered solutions for all types of sectors, as our claim says: “Say where to go and we do the rest.” On this occasion we will focus on our origins and our specialty of the maritime sector. We are pioneers in Spain operating “Ro-Ro Car-Carrier” containers to the rest of Europe. That is why we are considered a reference for transport by sea using mainly the Ro-Ro method.

Ro-Ro is an acronym for the English term “Roll-on / Roll-off”, which is called any type of vessel, or ship, that carries wheeled cargo, both cars and trucks or heavy cargo, which embark and disembark by rolling: “Rolling on & Rolling off”.

The main attraction of Ro-Ro is fast shipping: other methods such as Lo-Lo or container ships are slower than Ro-Ro, which gives this system a great competitive advantage, especially for the transport of products that need to prioritize and optimize times, like food or cars.

If customers decide for faster delivery, the Ro-Ro transport will adapt better to their needs than other methods such as container ships (Lo-Lo) or even road transport.

For all these reasons, the European Commission is betting on through the development of the Motorways of the Sea as the means of transport for the short term future. These motorways consist in regular services with high frequencies between two or more ports, as it is the case of our Atlantic Sea Highway between Vigo and Nantes, now with an extension to Morocco with the Port of Tangier.