Some essential logistics terms

We know logistics as the set of means and methods that are necessary for the correct planning, management, and distribution of goods and services. In Suardiaz Group we want to familiarize you with certain terms of the sector.

Logistic Operator

The company responsible for designing, planning, managing and controlling the processes of one or more phases of their customer’s supply chain, such as procurement, transport, customs management, warehousing, and distribution.

Carrier or shipper

The one in charge of transporting goods, term most commonly used for road “carriers” and less frequently used for air or sea “carriers”.


The preparation of orders and the merchandise selection requested by the customer. It is a term adopted from the verb “to pick” as in “to select” or “to collect”; although every time it possesses greater international diffusion in the logistics and transport the environment.


The packaging and packing of the product to be sent. It is determined by the properties and particularities of each product, such as its structure, size, weight, composition, etc. So, each packing process is unique.

Packing List

The document that specifies the content of each merchandise to be shipped. It facilitates selective recognition by the Customs Authorities and serves as proof when the goods enter the warehouse in case of missing or surplus merchandise.

These are some concepts that can be used in the daily life of any company related to the world of transport and logistics, such as Suardiaz Group.