El Musel will have the first recycling centre for large ships in Spain, thanks to Suardiaz Group.

Suardiaz Group and DDR Vessels will be in charge of completing the first plant in Spain, approved by the EU, for the decontamination, dismantling and recycling of large vessels. This specialised industrial recycling and management of naval waste activity will take place at Gijon´s Port El Musel.

From this July, they will be able to recycle up to 30,000 tonnes of waste per year thanks to the plant consisting of 10,636 square meters. It is worth mentioning that Suardiaz has become a shareholder for this project , as mentioned in its industry’s economic and local press.

Alfredo Menéndez, General Manager of Suardiaz, insisted on the need for companies to be sustainable and ecologically responsible. “We must provide protocols that care for the environment and promote actions and processes that help reduce the consumption of natural resources, as well as recycling and the reuse of raw materials.”