SUARDIAZ Group announces its new RO-RO MED Tangier Barcelona Tangier service

From SUARDIAZ Group, pioneer in Spain in Roll-On / Roll-Off services, we announce the launch of the new regular Ro-Ro line with which we will connect the port of Tangier Med with Barcelona.

The RO-RO MED Tangier Barcelona Tangier service, managed directly from SUARDIAZ Shipping Lines, will run twice weekly and be able to transport all types of cargo, but especially textile, fruit and vegetables, distribution, retail and spare parts for the automotive industry.

The Tangier Med connection with Barcelona will start operating on November 7, with the first departure from the Moroccan port scheduled to make the stopover at the Barcelona port on November 10.

Thus, the ship in charge of carrying out the RO-RO MED Tangier Barcelona Tangier service will make departures from Tangier on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while doing the same from the port of Barcelona on Mondays and Thursdays.

With our RO-RO MED Tangier Barcelona Tangier service, SUARDIAZ Group continues contributing to decarbonisation and the reduction of emissions in the environment, following the line set by the European Commission under the European Green Deal, which targets the removal of net emissions of greenhouse gases.

Currently, SUARDIAZ Group operates six different lines with which it connects, mainly through the motorways of the Sea, ports throughout the Spanish geography such as Vigo with the French port of Nantes and those of Casablanca and Tangier (Morocco), and that of Barcelona with the Canarian ports of Tenerife and Las Palmas and also Mostaganem in Algeria.