Slisa increases its intermodal traffic management in Valencia and starts operating in Leon

Slisa, the subsidiary of  Suardiaz Group dedicated to the management of railway terminals, in 2019 has seen a 36% increase of intermodal traffic management in its terminals in the province of Valencia, compared to 2018. The company manages among others, the Adif terminals located in Silla and Fuente de San Luis. Likewise, Slisa has announced that it will manage the terminal “Leon Mercancías” for the next six years, through a joint agreement with another rail operator in the sector, Transfesa Logistics.

In relation to the Valencia terminals, the Silla logistics center has accounted for 51% of the activity, 34.6% more than in the previous year.

For its part, the facility located in Fuente de San Luis has managed 39% more traffic than in 2018. It is foreseen that this terminal will become in the future Valencia’s greatest intermodal, once the investments announced by the Port Authority of Valencia and Adif are put in place. The two railway terminals managed the circulation of 54% more trains compared to 2018 data.

Regarding the Leonese terminal, Slisa will manage, together with Transfesa Logistics, more than 6,000 square meters of Adif facilities over the next six years, extendable to nine. This new concession is added to the two that are already jointly managed by both companies, located in Constantí (Tarragona) and Granollers (Barcelona), which were awarded in July.

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